Catarina Alves

Catarina Alves (Lisbon, 1987) works in a small workshop just beyond the gates of Calçada de Carriche. She graduated in Sculpture from the Faculdade de Belas-Artes de Lisboa and complemented her studies in several areas of ceramics. From Tiles to Pottery, from Raku to the study of natural ash glazes, she passed through several artistic schools (Escola Artística António Arroio in Lisbon; CENCAL in Caldas da Rainha; Oficinas do Convento in Montemor-o-Novo, among others). Since then she has been participating in collective and individual exhibitions, a path that has allowed her to see her work in public spaces with the piece Sê Jonas (Largo da Severa, Lisbon). Catarina's work is governed by a constant observation of nature, seeking to capture the essence of the elements in each representation. Her path goes not only through the techniques of clay, but also through the exploration of new materials, such as fiberglass and metal, which allows her to develop work in the construction of props and puppets and, consequently, collaborate with various public entities, theatres and architectural and design ateliers. She also participated in the International Puppet Festival of Espinho where she saw her Tibirito modeling awarded. Today she splits her time between the workshop and various educational projects for adults and children.