Authentic, sustainable and Portuguese

For those who blend elegance and harmony, in a natural way, with sustainability, authenticity and the choice of national production.

Casa Alegre is an ecologically responsible and active brand. We select our partners based on their environmental and human resources policies. For us, the south is responsible!

Inspiration for your home and your life

At Casa Alegre you will find countless novelties and inspirations for your home and your life, including handcrafted high quality products at an affordable price.

Live a “shopping experience” with open doors to the “Sul da Vida” [Southern Living].


Dive into this blue. In person or virtually.

You already know the way, it's to the Southern Living!

A certified, ecological and 100% national offer 

Casa Alegre selects novelties that combine quality, authenticity, modern design and functional simplicity, so that you can enjoy every moment in harmony in your daily life.

A 100% national and certified offer, covering home, lifestyle, gourmet and well-being, designed and produced with respect for the environment, the community and the individual.

We want our environmental impact to be as reduced as possible, as well as that of the brands we work with. As an entirely digital platform, Casa Alegre reduces the environmental footprint in its logistics and marketing components.


An invitation to remind you that everything is better further South!

Discover, rediscover and be inspired by our landscapes and lifestyle.

A House that fits all  

At Casa Alegre we are continually looking for partners who identify with our aesthetics and philosophy. Our priority is the national production and we disclose the names of small producers and artisans, with genuine proposals and proven quality. 

Our partners work with natural raw materials, invest in sustainable production, often in small quantities, use environmentally friendly materials in packaging and communication, and they invest in recycling.

The Portuguese soul lives here at Home

We can say it with pride: we live in the best destination in the world. We are sought after by landscapes and gastronomy, art and culture. And, of course, for the quality of what we produce.

At Casa Alegre we reflect in each product our lifestyle and the best we have to offer. From materials to colors, from patterns to design, valuing traditional production methods.

We use local raw materials and production, certifying origin, quality, as well as authentic production. Values which prove the Portuguese soul.

We want to be a "love brand" that grows with you and

with the brands we represent, united by

common and essential values.

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