Francisca Coutinho

Francisca S. Coutinho, Lisbon, 1993. Since she was a young girl, she has been using her hands, brushes and paints as a means of expressing herself, having exhibited at a very young age at the Oficina de Cores e Pintores. From her artistic creation emerge her intuitive forms, often unconscious. Immersion and artistic introspection are an intrinsic part of her daily life. She presents herself as an artist with multiple facets using different materials as, in addition to the canvas and paints she usually uses, she sometimes mixes the paints with paper and plaster. The originality present mainly in her collages, transforms previous studies of drawing into eloquent forms, emerging in a narrative of materials. Whether in times of uncertainty, when shapes are undo and abstract - thus not losing its figurative sense, reached through the dimension of shape-, or whether in objects appealing to the senses, in an immersion of light penetrating the space of intimacy or even transforming the original landscapes into soul color effects as the senses appeal to her. Francisca Sarmento Coutinho was born in Lisbon, in 1993, and has a degree in Fine Arts, in the field of painting, from the University of Lisbon. She drew at the Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes (2011). She recently participated in the group exhibition: A Clue to Reality, at Campo Pequeno ArtGallery. Her work is part of several private collections. She lives and paints in a studio in Lisbon.