Ana Sousa Santos

Ana Sousa Santos was born on the 16th of March 1994. Degree in Visual Arts - Sculpture at FBAUP (2012-2016). She studied Ceramics and Human Modelling at the Facultat de Bellas Artes in Barcelona (2015). Since 2010, she has held several individual and group exhibitions, such as “Projeções 2016” at Fundação Júlio Resende; at the Bienal de Gaia 2017, with the work “Arquivo de Impressões”; at the Centro de Memória de Vila do Conde, with the individual exhibition “O corpo arrasta-se no tecido cru”, 2017, and more recently, in 2020 she participated in the XXI Bienal de Cerveira with the work “Ensaios de identidade | Por detrás da tela”. In 2019, he opened an artistic space in Porto – “Atelier de Escultura – Ana Sousa Santos”, a space for personal work, training and exhibition space for individual and collective works. Trainer of classical and contemporary drawing and sculpture since 2017. There is a search for studying the human body in her work. In the pieces “Mãos em caixilho”, she tends to exhibit a certain emotion expressed by the movement of the hands, through direct molds of the body. In her human sketches, the movement of the simplified body is very present, due to the feeling expressed in a few modelled lines, with unique pieces made through models. In more realistic works, on a small or large scale, there is a more detailed and expressive modelling of the human body.