Maria Seruya

Maria Seruya (Cascais, 1980)

Maria is a motivational artist dedicated to female aging.

She holds a degree in Visual Design at the IADE University, in Portugal and in Art Foundation Course, at the Arts University Bournemouth, in England and a Post-Graduate in PsychoGerontology, at the ISPA University.

Since 2016, Maria has inspired women of all ages to accept their aging process with more attitude and confidence, through the project “VHAS BONITONAS – THE POWER OF OLD LADIES”. The basis is the painting but the personality of the project is multidisciplinary. It takes the form of thematic exhibitions, motivational products, empowerment workshops, activist interventions and social responsibility actions, among others. What is common to all these interventions is the demystification of female aging and they are promoted through partnerships, projects and connections with people from different areas.

Maria sees herself as a motivational artist because she believes that her work only gains value when she motivates and inspires women of all ages to feel good about their aging process. Maria believes that the way we want to age must be a personal choice, according to each woman's style, and that the most important thing is that this choice makes us feel really good in our skin.