SÓNIA TRAVASSOS Símio(Ver Coleção)


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Let's follow the surfers' example and catch some waves?
The "Ape" board tells us that we have become masters of technology but primates in life.

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Orders and Deliveries

The estimated delivery time: up to 9 working days for mainland Portugal; up to 14 working days for Madeira Island; up to 22 working days for Azores.

All orders confirmed on the Casa Alegre website will be delivered to the address that the Customer specified for delivery at the time of ordering.

The Customer will be notified by email and SMS of the delivery date/period and will have the possibility to change the delivery address, as well as the date. About 30 minutes before delivery, you will be contacted by telephone by the carrier.

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Returns Policy

The customer may return the product within 14 days of receiving it.

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If the piece has been sold in another channel during the short period of time allocated to the digital processing of the order, Casa Alegre will contact the client and proceed to the immediate refund of the amount paid.

Usage/maintenance instructions

Versatile and fast shortboard, perfect for surfers who want to make waves with less effort and keep the same speed and performance of a pure shortboard. It is suitable for waves from 0.5 to 1m.