The brand was born from the desire to create products with which we identify and from the pleasure and satisfaction that the process gives us. And above all, the desire to share it with the world. JANELA D'ALMA was the name chosen and its representative image was that of a typical Portuguese window, as our identity was inspired by Portuguese culture and traditions.

A sustainable concept, as the base materials chosen and used are of plant origin. Linen, cork and cotton are 100% natural and we try to make all other materials as sustainable as possible. They are all of great importance, but cork stands out in environmental terms, as cork oak forests are essential to biodiversity and the cork oak is a national symbol, having been consecrated as the National Tree of Portugal in 2011. we are concerned with the environmental issue, on the other hand we value and bet on artisanal work, as 90% of our production process is all manual. And with the aim of perpetuating some traditions rooted in Portuguese culture, we chose embroidery as a strong visual element of our brand. We privilege quality, both in the noble materials used and in the production process, as quality is synonymous with refinement and long-lasting. We attach great importance to the smallest details. For all this, and due to a conscious and responsible design, it is through the original and creative combination of materials that our products become so authentic and unique.