A Douro treasure nestled in the golden triangle of the world's most renowned estates, Quinta da Côrte nurtures its own uniqueness. Based on respect for its beautiful land and ancestral gestures revisited by the most up-to-date knowledge, it produces truly remarkable wines. An authentic style magnificently underscores the combination of great indigenous grape varieties and schist.

A Quinta [farm] with the greatest Portuguese tradition known for the quality of its land, in the heart of the Douro region the most distinguished by the great Port houses, Quinta da Côrte once again presents a bottled production under its own name.

Owned by the local Pacheco & Irmãos family, for many years the Quinta produced grapes and sometimes some batches of wine that were sold to the big names in Port wine such as Delaforce, Croft, Taylor's or even Ramos Pinto. It thus followed at a cruising pace that was sufficient, whether a good year or a bad year, to keep the property in the family. Although it provided wines that could fit into the great diversity of varietal blends of the houses with which it worked, it was unable, for lack of means, to take on the autonomy provided by the land to develop its own range.

In 2012, Philippe Austruy, owner of several farms in France and abroad, was looking for a farm in the Douro.   When he visited Quinta da Côrte, it was love at first sight: the buildings were in very poor condition and there was a chronic lack of maintenance everywhere. However, the property did have great potential. It would take more than a year to settle the purchase with all the heirs, but by the end of 2012, work could begin! First of all, the vineyard and the winery receive all the attention. From the 2013 harvest, Quinta da Côrte produced a Douro red wine that proved the excellence of the region right from the start.

Vision, Mission & Values - Our Philosophy

Let the earth do the talking. The tone is set by the earth.  In each harvest there is a subtle change. To preserve the Quinta's identity, but also the mark of that year, Quinta da Côrte works closely with nature, not doing anything spontaneously.

Each plot is closely monitored and it is difficult to find a single recipe that applies to all plots in the same way: each year, nature once again gives instructions that we must respect. An extremely sustainable, almost biological form of cultivation, Quinta da Côrte prefers to favor the progressive creation of a natural balance between the vineyard and its environment. Each of the 22 plots is cultivated in a different way and one could even say that each variety that makes up each plot is also different. According to the philosophy of Austruy vineyards the interventions practiced are only aimed at accompanying the vine in order to allow it to give the best of itself in a context that is unique every year: the harvest.