Mada in Lisbon


Mada In Lisbon® was born in 2015, conceived by me, Inês Gil Forte, and shared from my home (Lisbon, Portugal) with parents and children from all over the world.

I'm Madalena's mother, the artist from whom the brand's name comes, and Joaquim, the funniest little one!

I created this brand to share dreams I believe in! I believe in a fun, colorful, and fun world, full of music and rhythms. I think in sustainable, safe, useful and practical, durable, and soft articles and materials.

Products that are true travel companions, both for the magic they can give us when watching our babies and children collect unique and happy memories, but also for the ease of storing, transporting, and washing.

And yet, that accompany families for a few years, timeless and lasting products. A line of products that grows with families, from 0 to 12 years old!

From Portugal to the World

Mada In Lisbon® products regularly arrive in 22 countries, but the number continues to grow, thanks to our customers, faithful travel companions!

And by the way, from the World to Portugal

We love to hear stories and share with us how you use Mada in Lisbon® products, we would love to receive news, images, and/or videos!


We develop products for babies and children, for happy, colorful, and fun families.

Useful, functional, and durable products. That encourages autonomy, discovery, experimentation, and creativity.

We act with responsibility and respect for people, the environment, and animals.

Local production, without intermediaries, with reduced production, high quality.

Our products are 100% handmade. 100% Made in Portugal. And, 100% developed by us, and when I talk about us, I talk about myself, the designers, the seamstresses, the people from the print factory, the woods, the ropes, the fabrics, the photographers, the typography, ... my partners on this trip and with whom I have learned so much!

We inspire families to collect moments and memories, live the present in a creative, colorful and joyful, uncomplicated, and sustainable way. To live the moment with freedom, autonomy, and respect.


Babyswings have European Certification (CE), by EN 71.1 and 71.2 which is mandatory for toys. Every supplier must abide by our stringent standards. In a single word: children are safe with us!

Reduced productions

To avoid textile waste, our stocks are very low, most productions are carried out after orders are placed. We chose only to have the base fabric in stock without printing and this is made according to orders.