# ALGA by Paulo Antunes is a Portuguese company that conceives, designs and produces furniture and upholstery with contemporary inspiration and bespoke decoration projects for the hospitality and residential markets. Our collection is constituted by elegant, comfortable, unique and made[1]to-last products that stem from the match between our design team's creativity, expertise, and know-how as well as for the love for detail of our manufacturing team. From the original idea to the design process, technical specifications, the choice of the best high-quality materials, the selection of the finishes, the decoration and, giving light to the idea the manufactured production, each piece is the result of many details which make it one of a kind. We give life to your unique ideas and help you with any great challenge you may have. ALGA by Paulo Antunes is the partner to bring these projects to life with the level of quality they need within the defined deadlines ABOUT US H O W W E D O I T

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