Ramos Pinto was founded in 1880 and, over several decades, its history has been marked by the balance between innovation and respect for tradition. The House is famous for producing and selecting the best grape varieties, for its knowledge of the terroir and for its pioneering action in the worldwide dissemination of Novo Douro wine. 

Ramos Pinto currently maintains its position as a traditional producer of high quality wine. In the pursuit of excellence, Ramos Pinto is managed independently to this day, allowing the Casa to carry out ongoing technical and technological research. The Casa has four properties in the Douro region: Quinta do Bom Retiro and Quinta da Urtiga, in the heart of the region, as well as Quinta dos Bons Ares and Quinta de Ervamoira in the upper region of Douro. Committed to improving its relationship with nature and the environment, Ramos Pinto has been using organic farming practices and increasing biodiversity in its vineyards. This is a legacy that the Casa is proud to be able to leave to future generations.