The magic of children with their natural attractiveness, represented in multiple shapes and colours, led LASA to seriously consider creating a range of products for youngsters that would satisfy the emotional and caring side and respond well to the natural impulse to constantly seek out novelties both by children and grown-ups. LASA came up with a nickname for this brand that sums up the mutual reciprocity between children and grown-ups, it called it LASARITO.

The LASARITO brand for youngsters was created in 1999 and gained ground quickly because of its design and attractiveness and soon had lots of customers in the various markets where it was on sale. LASARITO offers a complete range of baby products, including various bath and bed items for youngsters. In order to respond quickly to the needs and desires of people who want to find something immediately with image and taste that is also useful to give a child, LASARITO has various collections that are renewed twice a year and that are always in permanent stock.