Floriano Ferreira da Silva, when he started working with glass early at the Fábrica Escola Irmãos Stephens, dreamed one day that he too could have his own company. In 1941 during World War II, he began in a small workshop by cutting the most varied of components used in decorating lamps and chandeliers. But he was determined to transform his dream into a successful project and, in 1985, he decided to create the F. Ferreira da Silva, Lda, company. The company, where the third generation now works, is still in the hands of the family.

Through professional management, it has prepared the company to face the current challenges, exporting around 60% of its production to 5 continents, which allows it to secure its position in the decorative lighting sector, in Portugal and abroad. Villa Lumi is a brand that reflects luxury, with a design that combines timelessness and trends. Villa Lumi’s mission is to develop and provide distinctive decorative lighting solutions. This differentiation is achieved by the design of the products, quality and the attention given to customer needs.