Joplins started back in 2016 out of a feeling to make things different - promote a more ecologically sustainable lifestyle and develop an eyewear eco-friendly business.

Joplins vision would be to become a reference as a sustainable brand and reach a pride of place as a motor of change. Joplins started with a small production of bamboo sunglasses. Nowadays Joplins has 4 different handmade collections (bamboo sunglasses, wooden sunglasses, cotton & wood sunglasses and Bio-based acetate & wood sunglasses), counting with more than 30 different models, for men and women. All of our models are unique, they never look exactly the same to one another as the lines and color of the wood are never the same. Plus, we make designs that are modern and trending to most people's expectations and desires, always innovating to have a slightly different look than what is already out there. All sunglasses are FAIR TRADED and count with FSC, CE and FDA Certifications.