Portuguese designer Norma Silva founded Jinja in Porto in 2012. Jinja designs and produces a wide variety of original home products, handmade by reusing industrial textile waste. Jinja aims to transform and improve the environment through more conscientious consumption, sharing pleasant rituals which help you in your daily routine.

Thus, in her collections you can find several bowls, baskets, boxes, table accessories, vases, lamps and even side tables. It also offers a range of tailored services, adapting products to each individual's needs. Jinja's eco-design creative process is determined by the concept of a circular economy. It is based on reusing waste materials from industry, which becomes its raw material to create handmade products. It aims at using all other materials in producing objects as ecological as possible. In this sense, it will always continue to innovate, aiming at bringing you the best design products that will accompany you and help you to enjoy your life better in a sustainable way.