Coffee Table
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Coffee Table

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Side table from the ELEGE collection. Collapsible furniture. Metallic feet with painted and textured finishing. Simple or tray top option. Top with sandblast finishing if lacquered.

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Usage/maintenance instructions

- Cleaning tips: a) To clean your furniture, use only mild soap and a damp cloth. b) Give preference to white cloths to avoid stains on the product. c) On daily cleaning, avoid abrasive products such as scouring pads, steel wool sponge, alcohol and all that can scratch the protective layer. c) When cleaning, leave the environment well-ventilated. - Products with satin sainting: a) Doors / Drawer fronts / Shelves: Clean only with a damp cloth and mild soap. b) Hinges and slides: Lubricate with a thin layer of oil, always being careful not to splash in the coating of the parts where these accessories are installed. This will prevent oxidation and possible breaks, increasing the useful life of these accessories. In regions with salt air, it is recommended that this process is carried out annually. c) Mirrors, windows and painted glasses: Clean the glass with a soft cloth in warm water. This procedure is simple and safe, but be careful not to let the mirror edges remain wet after cleaning. Never use abrasive products, such as kitchen sponges, do not use scouring powder, detergents or solvents of any kind. - General care on furniture: Furniture require a special care in conservation to ensure the durability, such as: a) During use or after cleaning, avoid leaving wet cloths over the furniture. This will cause permanent damage to the coating due to the swelling by excess moisture. b) Avoid applying weight on doors and drawers, as well as perform sudden movements in the opening and closing. This may deregulate and damage the product, compromising the functionality and durability of the furniture. c) In daily use, avoid the exposure to excessive sunlight. It wears the furniture, making it yellow and damaging its durability and aesthetics. d) In case of fog or water spilled on the product, dry immediately.