Set 3 Frypans
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Set 3 Frypans

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Aluminium and steel bimetal body; Black bakelite longhandle; Interior and exterior: non-stick black ; Thermic bottom trimetal non-deformable– Suitable for all heat sources, including induction

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Usage/maintenance instructions

Read carefully all the instructions before using this piece, and keep them for future reference.
SAFETY: The longhandle or handles should never be positioned to the exterior of the stove. If the cover, longhandle or handle clamping screw loosens, tighten with the appropriate wrench. Children must always be kept away from the stove. Take all precautions to avoid burning yourself wearing gloves or a safety handle if necessary. The non-stick coating is not harmful for the health, because the matter of which it is composed is inert, which means that is not absorbed by the system.
FIRST USE: Remove all the labels. Wash the piece with hot water and some liquid detergent. Then dry it and grease the interior with some cooking oil, taking care of removing the excess with a soft cloth.
COOKING: In order to preserve all the qualities of the piece, weather deformation, or the non-stick properties, you should not overheat the piece when empty, nor cool it suddenly. You should always cook in low heat or average power, having special attention in case you use an induction plate, where the heating is very fast. This way you avoid damaging its properties. You should use a heat source of equal or inferior dimension of the bottom of the piece, in order to preserve it and save energy. Have special attention in case you use gas, in which the flame should not reach the piece’s side walls. If the piece is used to fry, the cooking oil should not exceed 50% of piece’s capacity. When using the induction plate to fry in oil, sometimes it is necessary to use the maximum power of the plate. In case of Grills or Crepe Pans, do not use to fry. Never use in the piece metal or abrasive utensils, or wire scourers. For a longer durability of the glass Plate and to avoid damaging, do not drag the pieces. Remove them in vertical. Use the piece only to cook and not as a storage recipient of the food, before or after being flavoured/cooked.
CLEANING INSTRUCTIONS: To clean, use hot wat