Eduardo Barrento

Eduardo Barrento, 1968, Torres Novas. Caçador de Luz. Degree in Painting from the Faculdade de Belas Artes da Universidade de Lisboa, where he discovered a new passion: Photography. For the past 30 years, he has been photographing Portugal's nature, especially wildlife. 

Luís Bruno Filipe

Luís Bruno combines the pleasure of travelling with photography. Travel is one of his sources of inspiration. Having focused his professional life on his area of education (Business Administration and Economics), Photography has becoming more and more important, as now he dedicates a large part of his time to this art.

Marta Poppe

Marta Poppe has always been passionate about photography. With a degree in Business Communication from ISCEM (1999), in 2002 she joined ARCO to take an introductory photography course.

Natércia Correia

Natércia Correia, born in Lisbon but raised in Paço de Arcos, where she lives. She started a taste for photography at a young age, influenced by her father. Over the years photography has become a pure pleasure. In 2018, together with her father, she participates in the exhibition "Tal Pai, Tal Dilha", still in 2018 she participates in the "Collective Exhibition" and in the "Exhibition Salão da Vila", organized by Associação Paço de Artes. In 2019, she participates in the “Spring Hall” also organized by the Associação Paço de Artes and holds a solo exhibition at the Hotel Real Oeiras, Paço de Arcos. Photography has nothing to do with her professional career, she works at a Scientific Research Institute in the area of Microsystems and Nanotechnologies.

Rui Aguiar

Rui Aguiar graduated in Fashion Photography at IADE in Lisbon. He exhibited his works at the Arte Assinada Gallery (Autopsy of a flower), at Praça das Flores Gallery with Modamorfose and at Espaço Moda Lx with the Starting over from scratch exhibition.

Thomaz Sardinha

Thomaz Sardinha, born in 1970, is esthete and contemplative for as long as he can remember.