Olives have been present in the Algarve for thousands of years but in the recent past the tradition of making olive oil in the region has almost been lost.

It was in 2000 that we set out to develop this artisanal olive oil production project with the aim of producing the highest quality Premium olive oil.

We grow 5 different varieties of olives following a certified process of sustainable agriculture and with a large component of recycling the residues resulting from the milling process.

We control the entire production process from the olive grove to the finished product. The olives are harvested at the ideal time and immediately transported to the mill where they are ground in a granite stone mill, then the oil is extracted and filtered and stored in stainless steel vats until it is bottled.

We sell a range of Premium oils made up of 4 single varietal oils and a fifth oil that is a mixture of the varieties we grow.

This range, ideal for finishing dishes or raw food, is very comprehensive and each oil has a unique profile in terms of aroma and flavor.

All these artisanal oils have been recognized for their quality and attributes consecutively in several international competitions for extra virgin olive oil, a recognition that is the result of careful work always with the aim of producing the highest quality oils.